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Some thought provoking poems why you should consider being a rescuer

Poems by By Anne.M.Kenyon


I didn`t ask to be your pet,
You said you wanted me.
I was taken away from the world I knew,
Though not unwillingly.

I`d learned to trust the human hand,
With its soft and gentle touch,
So patiently I waited for
The caress I loved so much.

I meant no harm that day I screeched,
I just wanted you to see
That someone lived behind those bars,
I thought you had forgotten me.

Then the human hand I loved so much
Came through my tiny door;
But it offered me no gentleness
As it knocked me to the floor.

A feeling welled inside of me,
Like I had never known.
I felt frightened, hurt, confused and lost
Within the bars of my new home.

But patiently I waited
For that hand to treat me right,
But it rarely came to bring me food,
And there were no toys in sight.

In boredom and in loneliness,
In hunger and despair
I slowly ripped my feathers out,
But no-one helped, you didn`t care.
So I learned to hate the human hand
As it slammed down on my cage,

It held a brand new meaning now,
Fear, pain, and rage.

And then one day a stranger came,
And to my great surprise,
Gentle words came from her mouth,
And tears welled in her eyes.

But then the terror filled my heart,
For that human who had cried,
Opened up my tiny door,
And put those human hands inside.

I screamed in panic, fear and dread,
As I waited for the pain
That the human hand would give me
As it slammed me once again.

But gently I was lifted
From my prison, cold and bare;
But still I bit at those human hands
In my terror and despair.
The new prison I was taken to
Was somewhat different to my home.
Fresh food was all around me,
And toy friends to call my own.
And the human hands that touched me
Brought on me no more pain,

And slowly as the weeks went by,
My ravaged feathers grew again.
And as the weeks passed into months,
I began to understand,
That once again I could begin
To trust the human hand.

I`m old now, really very old;
But my memories are clear,
Of the gentle hand that soothed the pain
From the hand I`d learned to fear.

I`m tired now, really very tired,
Many years my life has spanned,
So I close my eyes for one last time,
Safe and warm in the human hand.

To contact Anne.M.Kenyon about the use of any of these poems please email her at


There isnt a song that anyone sings
Thats as sad as the song of a bird without wings.

The song of a bird confined to a cage,
The song of a bird who has felt human rage.

The song of a bird thats ignored night and day,
No sign of good food, no toys, and no play.

Hear that pain as this lonely bird sings,
That is the song of a bird without wings.

The bird that is ill, knowing no-one will care
The bird whos life is loveless and bare.

The bird, who in fear has panicked and bit
And therefore been screamed at,
sworn at and hit.

These are the birds who sing their own song,
Quietly, sadly, but all day long.

If you care, you will hear what this lonely bird sings,
This is the song of a bird without wings.

But sometimes, along comes a person who cares,
Then the bird hears the song that the RESCUER shares!

And the bird stops to listen, and tilts its sweet head,
As it hears new sweet words that its never heard said.

Can you sing to these birds? Help them learn a new song?
Can you show them their pain will not last all life long?

Oh PLEASE be the person who lovingly sings,
And gives flight to a bird,
A bird without wings


Here's an invitation
That many have declined.
step close, look deep in to my eyes,
And see the real man kind.

Within my eyes, you'll see my soul,
And you'll come face to face,
With the selfish greed and ignorance
Of your kind, the Human Race.

can you see that feathered angel?
That appealing, dancing clown?
Look closer! Can you also see
The way her broken wing hangs down?

behold those gorgeous feathers,
That your human eyes adore!
Now see those bloodied, shredded ones
Disgarded on the floor.

See the gilded prison
Where she stays without a choice.
See the scar upon her throat
Where they took away her voice.

keep looking, if you dare, look deep!
More horror lies behind.
My soul reflects the cruelty
Of the race they call man'kind'.

See the beak thats split in half,
See the silent agony.
The pathetic attempt to shell a nut
That fails, so miserably.

Watch and see how beauty fades,
Becomes a shadow of the past.
See those tears on feathered cheeks,
As darkness comes, at last.

Its time for me to fly now,
And leave all my pain behind.
With you, I leave this insight
to the breed they call mankind.

By Anne.M.Kenyon


''I found this bird'' you often hear,
''In my garden, scared and cold.
Please keep it in your sanctuary''
(this tale is heard of old)

You know this scared and flighty bird
Would be impossible to catch.
It's simply another 'unwanted'
Another victim who didnt quite match.

And so the victim, sad and lost,
Abandoned and alone
Is given food and warmth and love
In its new and scary home.

You will ask yourself who's heart today
Lays heaviest in their chest.
Your own heart, or the heart that beats
Within a lonely feathered breast.

But this is part of rescue,
It's a door you can not close.
And although the victim has no choice,
This is the life YOU chose.

All that matters, all that counts
Is that you can take some pain away
From the tiny victim in your care,
And shine on him some light today.

There's so many lives you can not change,
You'd give your life to change them all.
but now, TODAY, you have the chance
To cup your hands and break a fall.

Keep that always in your heart,
And when you most despair,
Remember, as that one bird fell,
You caught it, you were THERE.

On behalf of the rescuers

These poems have been kindly provided by Anne M. kENYON, should you wish to use them then please contact her directly at

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