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At Safehaven Parrot Refuge Centre

Christine and Paul have dedicated thier life and their home to the care and rehabilitation of unwanted and neglected Parrots

View our centre and the birds in an interview with Christine and Paul filmed by Supreme Master TV in 2011.

guiness flo shower indoors Rainbow and Sid inside SPR SPR Garden outdoor shower Rad and Chester It is a busy noisy environment, there is always work to do as those of us with a few Parrots can imagine and yet at the Centre they have 26 Residents!

The routine is pretty much let out those that are caged overnight. Initially everyone is given breakfast.

Then the cleaning commences, those required to be out of the way to faciliate cleaning the cage without sustaining injury are moved to stands as some can be territorial.

On a nice day those able and like to go in the garden will be placed outside for fresh air and daylight, they are positioned in a sheltered garden on a variety of stands surrounded by trees affording plenty of shade when they need to move out of the sun

Due to the obvious risk of Rats and wasps food is not provided in dishes outside, but they are regularly fed foods that would rather be fed outside than making a mess indoors!

pipe set on to the gentle spray setting. Those indoors are showered via a spray bottle and most love it, this is always performed in the earlier part of the day allowing for the rest of the day to entirely dry out, (always ensure your birds aren`t going to bed still wet)

The outside bird are returned indoors to allow them to eat food is always available indoors once their cages and dishes are cleaned. Weather permitting they may be returned to the garden again later.

These birds outside are used to being given a gentle shower via the hose.
The birds are all fed again late afternoon replacing the fruit and veg that had been available all day. These dishes are removed at bed time, which is appox 7pm, where they all settle down either shut into their cage or roosting on a perch above for those unaccustomed or disliking being shut in (and pose no problem to anyone else being left out).

During the course of the day, these chores are interrupted by taking calls, giving owners advice and support and arranging a rehoming.

After the birds have settled down for the night, the admin work resumes, it is a labour of love and the resident Parrots despite some aggression and other difficult behaviours are all equally treasured.

Some have been resident since before Safehaven was even made a charity, therefore despite refquest requests, these birds are settled, part of a large flock and are NOT for rehoming.

Please inform us if you have any problems viewing our web site.You can also contact us with questions, comments and suggestions of things you would like to us