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To sponsor one of our birds featured on the next page, please download the form Sponsorship Leaflet and return to Gina Greening at

This is Swearing Charlie. He was rescued from a working mens club in London, which is where he learned his colourful language! He still plucks himself, but he is a much happier and contented bird now.

There are lots more birds on the next page, you can see and read in more detail about our resident Parrots backgrounds and how SPR has helped.
All the birds are available for sponsorship. They are Safehaven Parrot Refuge birds and have been donated or rescued. None of these birds can be re-homed due to some disability or anti-social behaviour. The monies raised through sponsorship goes towards the upkeep of the birds including food, toys, cages and veterinary care.

The cost of sponsorship is £25 p.a. for any of the Macaws.
For Medium sized birds ie Cockatoos, Greys, Amazons £15 p.a.
For Small birds ie. Quakers, Conures, Lovebirds £10 p.a.(though many kind individuals will donate more).
To sponsor a bird, please complete the form in the leaflet (downloadable from the link above).
In return, you will receive a
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Picture and write up of your sponsored bird
  • Species fact sheet
  • About us page
  • Laminated A5 poster
  • sponsorship form (for friends and family)
  • Limited time keyring with picture of sponsored bird both sided
  • Car Sticker (not shown )
  • Easy fundraising leaflet
  • If you can receive emails then you may also receive our newsletter (approx 3 a year)

Upon renewal of sponsorship an update over the past year

You can sponsor a bird on behalf of someone else as a Birthday or Christmas gift.
An unusual present!

Some of the Parrots are now rehabilitated and keeping very well, however they took a while to be the birds the are today and still cannot be rehomed as the upheaval when this has been their home for most over 20 years would be detrimental to their health and mentality, unkind and cruel now that they are settled, in a large flock and this is "home", they like normality and routine, a bird is always best suited to stay in its home.

We endeavour to work with owners to prevent the necessity to part with a bird, we therefore for the same reasons would not be parting with ours, we have however managed to rehome amongst experienced members in more recent years rather than add to those we have.

Whether ill or not, all residents require sponsoring for food, toys, supplements, replacement housing, towards keeping them adeuqately warm/ cool, treats and veterinary treatment when required.

Please note: GW = Green-winged macaw BG = Blue & gold Macaw

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