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Procedure to rehome

You must first become a member and be prepared to maintain membership for the lifetime of that bird.
macaw eye Complete an Application to rehome Form click here for the rehoming application to offer a home which though detailed enables us to match you as closely as possible to the right parrot ensuring you and your Parrot a happy family life together.
You will receive a visit from an Area Co-ordinator.
You will go on the waiting list for a suitable bird, this on occasions may take time ( ie a parrot used to dogs, cats or children etc).
Safehaven Parrot Refuge is a registered Charity and has to cover its running costs solely on membership and donations, therefore when adopting a parrot a monetary donation is required based on the species of Parrot, so that we can continue to care for and treat sick parrots that come in and we have some resident birds for health or mental issues that cannot be rehomed. The donations range between £100 and £250 though some people very kindly donate more.

If you rehome an SPR bird you will be the guardian and responsible for all care, including diet, cage, toys & veterinary treatment.
Before taking the bird you would be required to sign our Legal Rehoming Agreement, click here (to see it in advance or to download), adhering to the terms and conditions as set out, including that the bird is never to be bred from and should your circumstances change and for whatever reason you are no longer able to care for your Parrot it MUST be returned to Safehaven Parrot Refuge for further rehoming. (Your donation is non- returnable)
To ensure the welfare of birds that we have donated to us, we have added with the help of our legal team a clause that should the guardians ever sell the bird, for monetary gain that they would be liable for the current market value of that bird, plus all costs incurred in seeking that reimbursement, therefore ensuring to the best of our ability that birds are never sold or end up in breeding conditions with dealers.

phone Safehaven will make regular follow up checks, by phone or in person.
Many birds come from very loving homes where circumstances prevent them from caring for their Parrot anymore, contact between you and the previous owner is encouraged, who better to ask questions about the bird to, than the previous owner!

Maintaining membership means that you will be required to provide a photo and a written report on the birds health and progress plus proof of insurance to Safehaven annually, though some people are kind enough to support the charity by maintaining payment of membership fees.
More details are available from our website www.safehavenparrotrefuge.co.uk or call the Admin office on 01684 850466

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