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Titus is an African Grey

Titus was only 8 months old when he was resuced from a pub, he had a beautiful head.....the rest was absolutely plucked bare, his little body, even his wings and his tail, the only feathers left were those on his head that he couldn`t reach!

The vet declared no underlying cause, he passed his medical and went to stay at SPR, where given time most of his feathers grew back.

He is very sensitive to change and anything out of the ordinary, even leaving a bag of wood shavings in the room a while can cause him to pluck.

For a while he and Suki shared a cage, but when Titus became too aggresive to Suki she was removed for her own safety.

He was fine with her within sight, but when she was rehomed he plucked himself badly, she was returned and he regained his feathers.

He is an habitual plucker, letting them grow through and then for no apparant reason pluck them once more.

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