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Scarlet a Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet is a Scarlet Macaw, an Apeendix I/ Appex A bird, meaning he is on the endangered list and has from CITES (the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) a "section 10" certificate and is accordingly microchipped.
Scarlet had a previously unprintable name, and he may have gotten this name as a reflection of his personality, because he is!

He sings his former name at the top of his voice

He has a quirky personality and has never liked anyone, anyone that is until there was a young lady doing work experience with the Charity, he loved her! He otherwise dislikes people.

He has unusual wing as depicted in his picture as he flips the top half of his wings back, as though he has a double joint, initially it doesn`t look odd....take a closer look, the bottom of his wings are facing forward!!

His favourite antic is to hide under his cage and run out to attack feet as anyone walks past.

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