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Nelson is a Green Wing Macaw


Nelson is a Superstar. He is a Greenwinged Macaw who was hatched on 18.3.96. Christine bought Nelson in August of 1996 when she saw a one eyed baby Greenwing for sale. Nelson should have been a new three-piece suite.

Nelson had an infection in his right eye when he was two weeks old, which would not respond to treatment. Sadly, this meant his eye socket and tear duct had to be removed. The right hand side of his face was left completely deformed and where his eye had been was a hole that had not been closed.

Christine took him to Neil Forbes who performed three further operations, the last was in November 1996. He is now perfect and having one eye makes no difference to him. He never has to stop and think how he might move from one perch to another.
Nelson has appeared on UK Television several times - BBC2 Animal Minds, Pet Rescue, This Morning, Midlands Today, Central News and GMTV. He has also appeared in many newspaper articles.

Nelson is not the most talented of talkers but he has a whole range of noises, copying the Ravens to trying to sing. He loves playing with his toys and keeping everyone away from Christine.

Nelson is a beautiful bird and his plumage justifies his title as Superstar.

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