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Minky a Severe Macaw

Minky and her brother Booger have been with SPR since their parents were pets long before charity status.

Their mother Percy(vier) as they are Severe Macaws, a previously very tame sweet bird laid eggs and became so protective of them that she became very spiteful, she and her mate were fighting so much that the babies were removed for their own safety and hand reared.

They are typical of their species... the smaller the bird the more they have to prove, when in the wild trying to survive when feeding grounds and nest sites are dominated by the larger Macaws that they have to have this "Terrier" bigger than they are mentality, not to be messed with.

They are fine with Christine, but have been known to chase Paul through the house.

On a daily basis they think he`s fair game.

He runs the gauntlet with them trying to attack him for merely opening thier blinds.

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