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Mimi is a Blue and gold Macaw


Mimi came to Safehaven on 23 February 2000. She had lived all her life with a priest. He found he could not give Mimi enough attention, she had no toys or mental stimulation.

Mimi then went to live with the priest's housekeeper who, at 76 years of age could not cope with a lively Macaw.

When she arrived at Safehaven on the 23 February 2000, she was terrified of everything, but now she has made friends with Ali and Scarlet and is now acting like a normal Macaw.

Mimi is a terrible flirt and makes eyes at all the gentlemen. She speaks quite well and has a wonderful West Country Accent.

She is one of, if not THE sweetest natured Parrots resident at Safehaven, she loves her cuddles, can be picked up bodily.

She is beautiful in every way, feather and personality perfect!

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