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Harry Green Wing Macaw

Harry became a permanent resident back in 2001, he had a very loving owner who had spent a small fortune trying to get to the bottom of a very lengthy illness. her story is available as a warning to all parrot keepers about the importance of using a specialised Avian vet read his story

He was cured of his illness before he was included in the Safehaven flock, and joined them as his family circumstances had changed and the owner could no longer care for him.

Back where he had lived he had had the amazing life of even flying free within the village.

He had therefore never been used to being caged and is not caged at SPR either (not all the birds are), though Harry does like to sneak into Jack or Nelsons cage to eat their food.

He was very affectionate before he matured, then he preferred the company of Nelson.

Harry is Jealous of Flo as he wants Christines attention as well, he does however fly to Christine when she is at the sink and says "ta" meaning he wants to drink from the running tap.

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