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Guiness is a Blue and Gold Macaw

Guinness came to Safehaven on 7 September 1998.

Guinness lived with her previous owner since one of the family brought her back from the Amazon on a cruise ship. She had been rescued from a shop, where she was kept in terrible conditions.

Her left wing had been broken and had healed by itself but in an awkward position, possibly during capture.

On the trip across the atlantic, Guinness had been given her own Cabin, which she systematically trashed. Guinness is a magnificent Macaw but something of a promiscuous young lady because she adores ALL the men.

In recent years poor Guiness has had a run of misfortune, some years ago now she sustained a bad beak injury.

It was found more recently that she was blind in one eye and going blind in the other, whilst awaiting the eye surgery and as a dierct result of her poor vision she ventured onto the cage of a Macacw she would have otherwise avoided, however she sustained such a serious leg injury that it required amputating at the end of 2012 and the eye operation had to wait.

The her cage has been adapted that she sleeps in crate on the top of her cage as you can see pictured, she also has a heat lamp and the cage has been adapted for her being one legged.
You would never know she was so handicapped, it doesn`t stop her from her favourite occupation of lying in wait under her cage until Chris passes by, where she can move surprisingly fast whilst in pursuit, using beak and foot to run.

She underwent her eye surgery early 2013 which has been found to be a success and when there are enough funds an operation to try and restore the sight in her other eye will take place.

In any of the pictures of the Macaws in the gardens of their home in Tewkesbury, Guiness is always the B&G pictured in the trees.
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