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Freddie is a Blue and Gold Macaw

Freddie has more michief in his little body than 20 Macaws put together.

Freddie came to Safehaven on 15 April 2000, and what a character he has turned out to be. He made friends with Gem and they were known as the terrible twins. He settled down the minute he arrived and has not looked back since.

Freddie is an excellent talker, picking up the bad language from the other Macaws. One of his favourite sayings is "Hello Freddie Parrot".

When he first arrived Gem was only 7 months old and still liked his nap in between playing, Freddie would not allow this and would pull Gem's tail until he woke up. They were very playful, they used to join feet and roll over and over on top of their cages it was lovely to see. Freddie will not allow any of the other birds to sleep if he himself is not tired.

Sadly, Freddie no longer has his best friend Gem as he died when the virus hit Safehaven at Christmas 2000. Freddie did not understand what has happened to Gem and was very lonely. It was heartbreaking to see him so miserable: he was lost without his partner in crime. Nelson was always with Freddie and Gem, that is until Chris was around when Nelson would then leave them to be with the love of his life..... his mum Chris.

When Chester the Pester came to Safehaven, it was hoped that he and Freddie would make friends but that was not to be.

It has taken a while but finally Freddie is now a happy bird again, he has made friends with Neslon. They do not play as madly because Neslon is a bit of an old woman, but they do sleep very closely together in Gem's cage at night. Freddie is back to his old tricks.

Gem will never be forgotten, as Freddie's antics are a constant reminder of him.

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