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Flo is a Green Wing Macaw

Flo is the most recent addition to the resident macaws.

She arrived on 22nd April 2011, from Scotland.

In her eighteen years of life has had a very interesting existence.

Born in Jamaica in 1993, she was taken to Ireland where she lived in an old folks home, sharing a cage with a Blue and Gold macaw called Millie. When the home closed down the two macaws were taken to Scotland and Millie was kept by the man who brought them over and Flo went to a new owner, Lynda.

Lynda kept Flo for fifteen years, until her sons left home and her dog passed away.

Her work meant she was being left alone for too long and felt it would be kindest to rehome her where she would have human and macaw company all the time. Lynda has been a member of SPR since 2001.

Flo has settled in very well and when all the other macaws have been fed and are having their siesta, Flo is singing and calling out at the top of her voice.

She loves Christine and has very expressive body language and an unusual crooked orange tail feather.

Liking to keep to a routine, she lets it known when she wants to go to bed, which is about 9.00pm. When she is taken up to her very large cage in their bedroom, whilst Christine goes for her shower, Flo sings to the noise of the hair dryer while she is drying her hair.


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