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Elwood is a Green Winged Macaw

Elwood Elwood came to Safehaven aged 18 months on the 12.5.90. Elwood, he has occasional asthma attacks and requires nebulising.

He is a beautiful natured bird.

His main hobby is eating, although he does take a break to come and meet people.

He loves to pretend that he is ferocious, so he fluffs his feathers up to look intimidating.

Elwood is the father of Gem who sadly died over the Christmas period of 2000, and his life partner was Alf, but she sadly died in 2007 on the way to the vets, it turned out she had Papillomas which had ruptured and she had internal bleeding, though she had presented no outward signs of illness until it was too late to help her, leaving poor Elwood all alone.

However when Kyrance`s partner Biggles died he and Kyrance paired up within days.

Elwood swears but not in the same category as Ali or Searing Charlie.

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