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Coco is a Green Wing Macaw

Coco was hatched on 2.11.96 and he arrived at Safehaven on the 9.8.99. in a sorry state. His plumage was greasy and brown, and he had been hit with some severity in his left eye, causing it to burst.

His cage was encrusted with filth and had no perches. It took nearly a day to make it habitable.

Despite all the cruelty Coco has suffered, he is a delightful bird and he will go to everyone, enjoying all the fuss and attention. He is also a superb talker, and learns new words quickly, unfortunately he is learning to swear from Ali and swearing Charlie.

We believe he has never had toys before and gets a great deal of pleasure from interacting with any kind of plaything. He loves to have a bath and his plumage is now looking beautiful, however he will pluck himself annually and then actually allow them to grow back through.

However he persists in plucking already bald Charlies head feathers as you can see in this picture.

His best friend has always been Swearing Charlie and after Female Charlie lost her mate Max, she has joined the pair and they get along great, Coco unquestionably being in charge of the trio.

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