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Cindy is a Blue and Gold Macaw


She has lived at Safehaven since 1986. Cindy was born 3 June 1983.

A close friend, whose personal circumstances changed, and could no longer give her the attention she needed, donated her to the Charity.

Whilst living with her previous owner, at 18 months old, Cindy nearly died through inappropriate veterinary treatment. Since then she has feather plucked herself and has been know to self mutilate her feet.
Cindy formed a deep attachment to Cappy(Captain) and very nearly destroyed her left foot whilst Cappy was ill.

rovided Cindy and Cappy were together, Cindy was stable but we could not stop her from feather plucking herself and Cappy.

Tragically, Captain died under anasethic during her operation over the Easter period of 2001. Cindy was very quiet and lonely for a while, thankfully though she did not start mutilating herself.

Cindy has now made friends with Scarlet. They have a very strange friendship, as they seem to enjoy annoying each other. Scarlet spends all day with Cindy, but goes back to his own cage at night.

We have to be very careful with Cindy because she will swallow large pieces of nutshell similarly, we have to be careful not to let her have plastic toys as she`s been known to swallow those aswell.

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