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Chester is a Blue and Gold Macaw

Chester is a beautiful bird who was born on 1 October 1998. He formally lived at the Whitehall Garden Centre in Wiltshire but the owners did not want to continue selling live pets so felt it better he was put into a proper home.

Chester All birds coming into Safehaven have to undergo various tests for diseases such as Psitticosis etc before they can be introduced to the other Parrots. When Chester arrived on the 21 April 2001, he was immediately fostered out to an experienced couple who had no birds of their own in Hertfordshire. Once Chester had completed the quarantine period he was returned to Safehaven where he will now remain with all the other Macaws for the rest of his life.

Chester is full of life; he loves women but has a very disconcerting habit of running up their skirt or trousers. He does not like men he chases or dive bombs them. People can usually hear him coming as he is constantly chanting "I'm A Bad Boy", "Stop it", "Shut Up" and shouting "Whassup". He also does a good impersonation of Tarzan. The only time Chester is quiet is when he is being bad, then he flies in silence like a Stealth Bomber.

His real expertise is destruction. In the short time he arived at Safehaven he had managed to smash Christine's collection of Parrot Plates and the Rack off the wall. You cannot turn your back on him for one minute as he is immediately up to no good. When the cold tap is turned on, before you know it Chester is there having his bath in the sink. Paul has had to remove his lunch bag from the kitchen, as Chester loves to unzip the bag and pinch Paul's lunch.

Chester does not like going to bed at all. Even when the lights are off and the rest of the Parrots are sound asleep, Chester can be heard rustling the paper in his cage and repeatedly setting off a musical toy...the only toy he has not destroyed.

He removes his food bowl from out of its holder and takes it under the newspaper where he then hammers it on the floor of his cage, and at the same time, he can be heard muttering and cursing. He likes to do this with his water dish too. He then goes up to his platform and proudly says "What A Good Boy he is".

Chester has made friends with Rad, a Harlequin Macaw. They are a formidable pair together. When they are playing, they are very noisy, they hold hands, chase each other, and grab each other's tails it is lovely to watch them.

However, Rad will not tolerate Chester coming between him and his food. It is also believed that Rad would sooner have the company of Scarlet, yet there is no way that is going to happen as long as Chester has anything to do with it, the relationship is a little one sided in this respect, Rad being his best mate wether he likes it or not!

All Macaws are naughty but Chester is the exception. Most Macaws take time to settle and are quieter and slighty more reserved or timid when they first arrive but not Chester, he is afraid of absolutely nothing. He is so intelligent, such a character and believed to be Britain's naughtiest Parrot but Christine loves him to pieces.

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