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Ali is a Blue and Gold Macaw


Ali came to Safehaven on 26.9.99.

She was a much loved pet, but unfortunately was so aggresive to her owners partner that she was reluctantly given to Safehaven.

She a beautifully natured bird, very tame and loves to meet people.

She hates having a shower, absolutely terrified of water, her reaction being so extreme it is considered detrimental to her mentally to try and enforce a shower, but she does on occasions get a brief shower from being outside.

Unfortunately she swears profusely, language she learnt whilst in the pet shop she originally came from.

Her owner was a female but since she has been here, she seems to prefer the company of males.

She is very timid of most of the other birds but has a best friend in Scarlet, with whom she chooses to share a cage.

She is mentally alot more stable, but does self mutilate and pluck her feathers.

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