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Why when we`ve donated to rehome the Parrot do we not for ever own the Parrot?

So long as the parrot is in a kind loving caring environment, you absolutely will own the parrot....whilst you are able.

Jack B&G The very need to term our process as rehome and not forever adopt is simply this: There is a significant difference between parrots and other animals that can be adopted and that is their longevity, which in itself is reason alone that we (SPR) have the bird returned to us for further rehoming.

Hopefully the parrot will have a forever home the definition of which is, forever with that family whilst they are able!

The photo is of Jack our oldest Resident at 86 years old!

The other picture is of an Amazon 73 years old!

Given the average age of people taking on a parrot versus the lifespan of some of these species there will come a time when the owner will be unable to care further for that bird through old age, illness, or death....The bird is likely therefore to have at the very least 2 or 3 homes during its lifetime if it lives to full life expectancy!!

The average number of homes a parrot will pass through during its life is 7!!!!

If you take on for example a 1 year old Parrot now and they have an average lifespan in excess of 70/80 years for African Greys and Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws much older still.... that would put you at what age if they lived to full life expectancy......EXACTLY!!!

Jodie 73 years old It would be fantastic if someone known to the bird ie another family member or friend were to take over the role of guardian, so we are not insisting upon its return to us, as some familiarity whilst the bird is grieving would be beneficial, but a home check would be required and our paperwork would need amending to reflect this change of guardian, our best interests will always lie with what is the best for the welfare of the bird.

But when YOU the guardian of the bird cannot maintain that role, it cannot be merely given away or sold.

Change of circumstances

There can be a number of reasons seeing a bird requiring our rehoming process again, some that we come across are as follows

ie. When there is a marital breakup,
change of work and less time to look after the parrot,
or work that now takes you away from home,
perhaps change of living accommodation where pets are not allowed,
new relationships and the parrot does not accept its now extended family,
and so the reason can go on.

We are always here to step back in and find the next best possible home for your treasured parrot.

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