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This site is an animal behaviour site, run by a lady called Amber. It is designed to give help to owners of not only parrots, but retiles and small mammals as well.
Whilst we at Safehaven Parrot Refuge, look after the needs and well being of parrots, should you be aware of any other animals that need rescuing, please click on the above link.
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Hotel Polly was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing parrot owners with a peace of mind about their feathered companions when going away - be it a sudden absence or a planned holiday.

Our aim is to provide parrot pets and their keepers with good value, and a happy, safe, loving home from home experience.

We will continuously strive to seek out and offer all of the pleasures and joys that life has to offer to our beloved feathered and furry pets.

Kindest regards and happy squawking
Anguel & Wayne Tel: 0845 258 8000



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Please inform us if you have any problems viewing our web site.You can also contact us with questions, comments and suggestions of things you would like to us

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