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How to donate

We need donations merely for the day to day care of our resident birds, for diet, housing, supplements, toys veterinary care etc
However our ultimate goal would be to have a centre, for ease of rescuing and rehabilitating Parrots in an environment providing the best quarantine facilities.
To have our own specialised Veterinary care, open to the public and thier Avian family, but the centre also providing education to the bird keepers in the best Avian husbandry as well as our veterinary department providing seminars in training future Veterinary Doctors on specialised Avian medicine.

2 macaws animation We would be MOST grateful for ANY donation.
Or if you could sponsor one of our resident birds.
Or become a member of Safehaven Parrot Refuge.

On behalf of the birds your contribution will help- Thank-you!.

If think you can help in any other way then please contact our admin office, we are always extremely thankful to anyone that is able to help support Safehaven and its birds.

If you wish to make a donation, you can either make a cheque payable to:


and send to:

Paul Forman(Founder) 8 Hillend Close
GL20 6DS

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