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How to contact us at Safehaven

If you have any concerns about the health of your bird, do not waste precious time, call your nearest Avian vet, birds hide symptoms until it can be almost too late.

Kindly provided by Neil Forbes is a link to assist in finding yourself a specialist vet

We are experienced Parrot keepers and can advice on husbandry, but no one is a qualified Avian specialist Vet.

Advice given can vary from person to person based upon personnal experiences and on the basis of what is divulged, omit a detail with another advisor and suggestion will inevitably vary. We may ask questions you may be uncomfortable answering, but rest assured we are not judging you, we just need as much honest background information as possible in order to make an over the phone assessment to give you the most appropriate advice. Please note habits formed over months or years will not be broken over night, time and patience will be required in seeing through altering an inappropriate behaviour.

All Safehaven's staff work on a voluntary basis. Please telephone at reasonable times unless it is an emergency. Many thanks

Rehoming officer and parrot advice: Christine Forman (Founder) Tel: 01684 850466 best time to call is before late morning and after late afternoon, inbetween these times we are busy feeding and cleaning out the resident birds
in case of an urgent contact telephone Tracey on 07860 645287 but please if the matter can wait for Head office call in the morning or late afternoon.
Please ensure to include your telephone number and area, plus species of parrot and approx age. complete our enquiry form

Admin and Membership: Paul Forman (Founder) Tel: 01684 850466

Sponsorship and Gloucestershire Area Co-ordinator: Gina Greening Tel:07760248878

Cockatoo Advice: Tracy Emery Tel: 01559 395203 or 07530911189

We have area co-ordinators throughout the Country, but please make initial contact via head office and we can instruct your nearest ACO to get in touch, or give you their contact details.
If you could assist your local area co-ordinator or would like to be considered as an ACO please contact us.

Please inform us if you have any problems viewing our web site.You can also contact us with questions, comments and suggestions of things you would like to us