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About Safehaven Parrot Refuge /SPR

Safehaven help people who have had to part with their parrot(s) for all sorts of reasons, often a much loved Parrrot and therefore very reluctantly, maybe because of illness, problems within the family, work etc.

This can be a traumatic experience for both the parrot and the cuddling cockatoo owner.

The owner may have died and there is nobody who wants to take on the care of the parrot.

Birds can also come to us because they are just not wanted anymore and some of these birds may have had a miserable existence for many, many years. Often, they have been imprisoned in cages (sometimes filthy and far too small)and have had to live on an extremely poor and inadequate diet also having been starved of the care, love and attention a parrot need for a healthy and happy life.

When people ask our help with taking in and caring for their bird/s we ask them to sign a legally binding document that transfers ownership from themselves to Safehaven Parrot Refuge.

Safehaven will then always own this bird, never the carer, but when we place a parrot into a home we want this to be a permanent home forlife.

If for some reason, the guardians are unable to carry on taking care of the parrot, the bird will come back into Safehaven and another suitable home will be found.

The only reason we would remove a bird from a foster home is if we thought it was not being cared for in a suitable and responsible manner.

caged bird

We promise people who donate their bird/s to Safehaven,

  • that we will never sell their bird/s.
  • Put the bird/s into a forced breeding situation
  • Loan their bird/s to a breeder; Sell any young that their bird/s may produce from a voluntary mating situation
  • Exploit any bird in our care
  • Always ensure that their bird/s have the best possible home for the rest of its life.

If a donor wishes to keep in touch, to see how their parrot is doing, this is always welcome, if there are any questions about the parrot, who better to ask, than the previous owner! The new guardian must agree to this when they sign a legally binding re-hominging Agreement.

We ask the donor to let us have as much information about their parrot as possible, what type of diet, routine, if it is frightened of anything, these questions enables us to get a good picture of the personality of the bird and helps us select the right home. For example, if we have a parrot that has been happy and content in its original home but is a bit nervous, only used to maybe one or two people, then we would not place it in a home that is extremely busy, with adults, children plus other pets rushing about. This can work the other way too. A parrot that has been happy in a busy household would most probably not like a very quiet home.

All parrots have their own individual needs for a happy and content life.

If you feel that, for whatever reason, you would like us to help you in finding a new home for your parrot/s, please contact us.

When people wish to offer a home to a Safehaven parrot, they first of all have to become a member.

Macaw face

A questionnaire is sent to them. It is intentionally comprehensive to assist us in gauging their knowledge of parrot keeping previous experience is not essential as everyone has to start somewhere, but we would like to know that you have some idea of what you are proposing to take on, parrot temperaments vary by species.

The large Macaws or Cockatoo, can be very demanding birds!!

The information gathered all helps us build up a picture and make sure that we place the parrot/s in the right sort of home.

A great deal of time is given to selecting the right home, as too many of these birds, sadly, get pushed from pillar to post and this is really detrimental to the parrots psychological welfare. They need stability in their lives. If you think that you could be a suitable Parrot guardan then please ring and have a chat with us at Safehaven.

We have turned around the lives of many parrots over the years and want to continue to do so, but in doing so we always need help.

We rely totally on the kindness of people in the form of donations, sponsorship and especially becoming members of Safehaven Parrot Refuge.

Without this help we could not exist.

Everyone that works for Safehaven do so completely voluntarily.

We encourage members to become more involved, for example, becoming an Area Co-ordinator (area co-ordinators do have to have a good basic knowledge of parrot keeping) for them to spread the word about Safehaven Parrot Refuge. The more people know about us the better. We need more Area Co-ordinators from all over the country, from scotland to cornwall.

If you feel that you could help us, call for a chat.

Safehaven is here to offer anybody advice in connection with their parrot/s. Within Safehaven there are a lot of people who have many, many years of experience with the different types of species of parrot, who are only too willing to share their knowledge. We think Safehaven parrot Refuge is a very worthwhile charity and one that is much needed and we hope you will too. Please do think about joining and supporting us, so that for many years to come we will be able to help parrots in need

Please inform us if you have any problems viewing our web site.You can also contact us with questions, comments and suggestions of things you would like to us