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We are the UK`s longest running Parrot rescue

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Safehaven Parrot Refuge was set up over 25 years ago by Christine and Paul Forman and with the assistance of our Patron Neil Forbes became a registered Charity in 1998.
The name "Refuge" implies we house all in coming birds here at headquarters and when we started out indeed we did, but as the decades have passed few parrots have been added here; for the welfare of those resident here, not just on a quartine level but stability within the flock. Incoming parrots are now mostly safehoused and assessed by our members to match parrot and family as appropriate.
(New members with parrot knowledge prepared to safehouse always needed).

Most animal rescues do not have the expertise that is needed for the care of parrots and this is where Safehaven comes in.

We have our permanent resident birds, which will be cared for by us for the rest of their lives

Our primary role is the welfare of Parrots, rescue and rehabilitation then equally the eduction to Parrot keepers to ensure a lifelong harmony with these complex birds not many generations removed from the wild.

We endeavour to keep abreast of the latest legislation in our policies for rehoming and as such everything has recently had an overhaul, including this website.

There are rescued Parrots that come to us who can go to members by way of our rehoming scheme. We also take in birds from people who cannot continue to care for them and place them in suitable, caring homes.

These guardians are chosen, carefully, from our membership. for more information, please go to our About Us Page.

SPR restricts rehoming to members only, for the sake of those birds as we wish to be able to ensure to the best of our ability, that these birds have NOT ended up exploited by breeders or resold for profit. You can easily apply to become a memberor click here to complete an online membership form
Once a member you can fill out an application to
re-home form. Subject to this being satisfactory, you will be accepted onto our waiting list for a suitable bird.

There are many ways of supporting us, by becoming a member merely to support us, or to go on to apply to care for a rescued Parrot, Sposoring a Parrot that requires ongoing medical treatment and therefore will not be rehomed, making a donation, spreading awareness, leaving a legacy in your will or support us using easyfundraising when doing any internet search and even weekly shopping at NO expense to you!!!

Please support us now by buying a charity wrist band for £1 each
Pay via the donate button below that will redirect you to Paypal, PLEASE include the appropriate postage costs and please add a message once in with what you are purchasing plus your name and address, many thanks

Safehaven Parrot Refuge Facebook group

A group open to members and supporters of our charity, where you will meet like minded people, passoinate about their own Parrots and their future welfare,members who are rehoming one of our precious birds, the group is friendly and intended to share knowledge, experiences, photographs and anything Parrot related in assisting educating our newer Parrot keepers, though even those having kept Parrots for many years are guaranteed to learn something, on diet, illnesses, treatment, the latest thoughts and research on many topics are shared.... we`ve a knowledgeable bunch in there!!

A forum we recommend, to chat about everything Parrot, perhaps ask questions to learn more about a particular species before taking on the huge commitment of keeping a parrot.buffalo parrot safehaven garden

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Please inform us if you have any problems viewing our web site.You can also contact us with questions, comments and suggestions of things you would like to us

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